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Billiards Billiards is a game played in which two people or two teams. Can play billiards almost everywhere in Germany. It is with billiard balls (often referred to as playing ball) and the so-called cue on a pool table with an upholstered Billiardtuch. The origins the billiard-concept are not clearly understood.

Undoubtedly, one billiard darts next to one of the most popular recreational sports. Thus it is not surprising that there is in every major city in one or more Billiardcafes, which is lined with dozens of people, especially on weekends to play either for fun and to spend time, or to improve their abilities and skills and expand. Who wants to learn more about the sport and push actively through the bars, the balls of fun by the pool, snooker, or carom KegelBilliard, to one of the clubs to play around 1300. More information about the rules of each varieties and the history of sport, there is at the German Billiard Union. In addition to the basic requirement of a good spatial vision stated in the Pool: Practice makes perfect.


The presence of American and British military garrisons in mainland Europe after the Second World War saw the latest from the 1970s and 1980s that in addition to carom and snooker and pool table where incumbent. Pool table, but soon experienced a renaissance with the release of the movie " The Hustler (1961), which meant a new wave of enthusiasm for this variant in the U.S.. With the fall of the Iron Curtain has been set in motion another wave, especially as a pool table, snooker but quickly found their way to Eastern Europe, and since then found in this region more and more followers.


A new era dawned in Britain of billiards in the late 1960s, when the BBC was looking for a format to make clear to the audience the superiority of color - and are therefor Snooker chose. The gameplay in snooker is 15 red and 6 different color Balls (sink the colored people) according to certain rules. However, the snooker table, a lot bigger than the pool tables and the pockets are smaller and shaped differently.

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